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The Oral Health Information Centre allows Active Smile to give patients space and time to find out more about their oral health, to ask questions and, in particular with its non-clinical environment, to help break down the fears of visiting the dentist that many people have.

Active Smile already has a strong track record in oral health education through its Healthy Smiles outreach programme for schools in Worcestershire and the introduction of Oral Health educators and Treatment Co-ordinators within the practice.

The Oral Health Information Centre is one of four pillars of Active Smile’s Oral Health Education Programme:

• A Oral Health Information Centre located in a separate non-clinical unit next door to the practice.
• The introduction of Oral Health Educators who will be based in the Centre.
• The continued expansion and development of the Healthy Smiles Schools Programme.
• Increased focus of Treatment Co-ordinators within the practice, supporting both dentists and patients.

The Oral Health Information Centre is located on an easily accessible ground floor unit next door to the Active Smile dental practice but with its own entrance. It has been custom fitted for the purpose of providing oral health information. As a separate unit it provides a relaxed, non-clinical environment where individuals can discuss their oral health needs with the team over refreshments and with no pressure. The Centre also has its own patient preventative dental care classroom.

The Centre is staffed during practice opening hours. There are areas where individuals can talk in privacy. The classroom area provides space for group activities including school visits or sessions with parents’ groups or groups for the elderly.

It will provide information on such topics as:

• How to brush and floss most effectively.
• How to choose the best toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash for you.
• How diet can affect your teeth.
• Preventing gum disease.
• Detecting dental problems early and keeping treatment to a minimum.
• How to brighten up your smile.
• What treatments are available on the NHS and what patients might be entitled to.
• What private alternatives exist, when they might be appropriate, and at what price.

It will also provide specific advice for parents and young children, and for the elderly.

As a dedicated Curaprox Centre, it will provide specialist dental care products that are designed for those with complex needs such as complicated tooth alignments, braces, implants, and difficult to clean bridges , as well as for general use.

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